Sick FriendPrayer

God of life, Lord of healing and wholeness.

Someone I care about is ill and I am deeply concerned for them.

In the quietness of my heart, I name them before you now………..

They are struggling; they are anxious and afraid,

and I feel so helpless

As your Son, Jesus, ministered to the sick during his earthly life,

touch them now with those healing hands.

Reassure them with your presence and enfold them in your boundless love.

May the healing power of your Spirit flow through their bodies

and calm their troubled minds,

bringing healing, wholeness and peace.

Bless the doctors and medical staff who are caring for them.

Guide them as they seek to discover what is wrong,

and use their knowledge, experience and skill to make them well again.

As the days and weeks pass may the one I care about grow in strength

and improve in health until they are really well.

Lord, hear my prayer.  Amen.